Breeding Age bulls NEED TO GO! Check em out in the SALE RING

Bull - F24


Born 4/20/18 - L05  out of WSR 115.  F24 has 2 generations on his pedigree still on our farm.  Granddam Speedy is still in production!

Bull - F06


Born 3/7/18 - LOR 63 out of LOR MRS 2017. F06 was very friendly when close to the barns at a young age.  He has developed nicely, and is at the bottom of the totem pole with the other bulls. 

2 Yr Old Bull - Paradise E29


Born 4/30/17 - E29 is out of OH12 and by LOR 710.  He had a SC of 27 cm at 11 months old.  He is extremely quiet and easy to be around.  Click on the link to see his DNA Scores.



Born 9/11/18 - out of J36 and by a Nichols Angus bull, perfect for any commercial guy.  Small birthweights.  Fall calf, so he will be growing more. Stout, lots of rib, and more heat tolerant.  No pink eye!

Bull - G11


Born 4/15/18 - Bull calf out of FL 151 and  by Fischer 646.  

Bull - G31


Born 4/29/19 - Bull calf  out of T31 and by Fischer 648.  This guy is a blockbuster.  Stout, muscled, and big boned.

Bull - G35


Born 5/4/18 -Bull calf out of FL 155 and by Fischer 648.  Quiet, curious calf out of a nice Florida cow, small BW, and easy going.

Bull - G29


Born 4/27/19 - Out of 605A and by Fischer 646

Bull - G26


Born 4/25/19 - Out of A11 and by Pueblo.

Bull - G39


Born 5/10/19 - By WSR Pueblo