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Heifer - F18 - SOLD


OH12 x Pueblo

Heifer - F15


Born 4/12/18 - out of Y53 and by WSR 115

Heifer - F16


Born 4/13/18 - Heifer out of Y41 and by WSR 115.

Heifer - F28


Born 4/28/18 - Heifer out of X53 and by WSR Pueblo.

Bull - F03 - SOLD


Born 3/4/18 - Florida bred calf, another one of the last Larosa calves.  He is a big boy!

Bull - F27 - SOLD


Born 4/26/18 - out of D3 and by WSR 115.  This may be the last bull calf we get out of this cow (she is old), and she has been a bull machine.

Heifer - F01 - SOLD


Born 2/23/18 - F01 is out of LOR 50 and by LOR MRS 2017.  This is one of the last from the Larosa herd from Florida.  

Bull - F06 - SOLD


Born 3/7/18 - LOR 63 out of LOR MRS 2017. F06 was very friendly when close to the barns at a young age.  He has developed nicely.

Heifer - F38 - SOLD


Born 5/6/18 - F38 is out of P03 and by WSR Pueblo.

18 Month Bull - Paradise E29


Born 4/30/17 - E29 is out of OH12 and by LOR 710.  He had a SC of 27 cm at 11 months old.

Heifer - F04 - SOLD


Born 3/04/18 - Out of Florida 155 and LOR MRS 2017

Bull - F20 - SOLD


Born 4/17/18 - out of M18 by WSR 115

This guy is easily the biggest calf in the Homestead Pasture.  He does carry some extra leather, but very quiet.

Bull - F13 - SOLD


Born 4/10/18 - out of LOR 704 and by WSR 115.  This bull will have alot of potential as his dam is one of our best producers of seedstock.

Bull - F24 - SOLD


Born 4/20/18 - out of L05 and by WSR 115.  You can look on our farm for 2 generations back on his dam side pedigree.  His grand dam "Speedy" is still in production at age 12.

Heifer -F23 - SOLD


Born 4/20/18 - out of K45 and by WSR 115.