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As a seedstock salesperson, I always enjoy getting pictures back from past buyers who are happy with what they got.  Especially since most of those selections are from my recommendations and less than professional pictures of yearling calves in winter hair.  See below some examples of how Barzona cattle can go anywhere in the United States, and be a profitable animal.

Barzona - the breed for busy people

The Havens Family


Alvin & Karen Havens started their herd in 1989.  Barzonas were specifically chosen because of their maintenance free operation, and overall profitability.  Alvin was too busy for babysitting heavy calvers and pinkeye.  Karen runs her own accounting firm and knows what it takes to make money on the farm.  Alvin & Karen strive to keep their herd producing under worry free management.

Golden Hz Farm


Alecia Heinz, Alvin & Karen's daughter, now keeps the records on the cattle herd, and her husband Matthew brings 6 generations of family farming and cattle background to the operation.  They have purchased and raised their own Barzonas, and also try different crossbreedings to provide data for commercial producers.

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